How tracking our activity has turned us into data analysts

How tracking our activity has turned us into data analysts

Whether you’re like me and track your activity religiously or you just occasionally open Apple Health to marvel at how many steps you’ve walked today, a third of us are now collecting substantial amounts of data on a daily basis.

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Big Sofa Tech & KnowledgeHound announce an integration

As part of our continued mission to make visual data collected in research useful, usable and more meaningful for research analysts, Big Sofa are pleased to announce a new integration with KnowledgeHound.

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KnowledgeHound is an enterprise software platform that empowers anyone to get answers from customer research and data quickly and easily, by searching through all existing video and reports. Their customers include many of the world’s leading consumer brands such as All State, P&G, Spotify and Lyft.

In line with our Video Manager product we believe that video should be re-mined and re-used for different purposes beyond its original purpose, and it’s great that KnowledgeHound share the belief that research should have more than one life.

This partnership will enable KnowledgeHound to integrate video into their existing platform, so users will be able to find video answers to their research questions, unlocking the power of video for market research.  Customers can now easily explore their insights by bringing their qualitative and quantitative data under one roof.

Simon Lidington, CEO of Big Sofa commented:

“Big Sofa and KnowledgeHound know that the importance of data lies in being able to tell a story - which is vital for research activation; so, we are extremely excited about this partnership!  It highlights the growing awareness of global enterprise clients in the value of observational, behavioural and emotional visual data in its ability to generate deliver genuinely new insight”.

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Make sure to not miss our upcoming webinar currently scheduled for October 25th where we will be diving deeper into this integration and sharing how current customers are leveraging quant and qual research data to achieve powerful results.  Sign up here!